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  Java Tools - Lightweight IDE for Java  


Compile and Debug Hello World Application

  1. Compile Hello World Application Java File:
    1. Click the Java File box in the Java Tools window then click in the popup list.
    2. Click Options | Compile with All Debugging Information (default).
    3. Click Tools | Compile.
    4. Click OK in the Information dialog when the compile completes.

  2. Debug Hello World Application Class File:
    1. Click Tools | Debug in the Java Tools window.
    2. Click Commands | stop at in the Debug window.
    3. Type HelloWorld (default class name) in the Input dialog then click OK.
    4. Type 33 (line number) in the Input dialog then click OK.
    5. Click Commands | run in the Debug window.
    6. Wait until execution stops at line 33 (the first statement in the main method).
    7. Click Commands | list.
    8. Wait until the source code appears with an arrow after the line number where execution stopped.
    9. Click Commands | where.
    10. Wait until the execution trace appears.
    11. Click Commands | threads.
    12. Wait until the threads appear.
    13. Click Commands | threadgroups.
    14. Wait until the thread groups appear.
    15. Click Commands | print.
    16. Type arguments (variable name) in the Input dialog then click OK.
    17. Wait until the value of the arguments variable appears in the Debug window.
    18. Click the Command field at the bottom of the Debug window then press the up arrow and down arrow keys.
    19. Select one of the commands executed above in the Command field and press the Enter key to execute it again.
    20. Wait until the command output appears.
    21. Click Commands | step.
    22. Wait until execution stops at line 22 (the first statement in the constructor).
    23. Click Commands | next.
    24. Wait until execution stops at line 24 (the second statement in the constructor).
    25. Click Commands | cont (continue), or type cont in the Command field then press the Enter key.
    26. Wait until execution continues and the Debug window closes.

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