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  Java Tools - Lightweight IDE for Java  


Java Tools features include:
  1. GUI with built-in help and small footprint.
  2. Combined file and tools menus when directories and files right clicked.
  3. Built-in text editor with syntax highlighting and tools menu (see Edit for details).
  4. Built-in user interface for the Java debugger.
  5. Code metrics for Java files.
  6. Creates compilable and executable stubs for Java and HTML files.
  7. Opens Java file containing error when compile and execute errors double clicked.
  8. Checks for unused, redundant and missing imports in Java files.
  9. Deletes files generated by Java compile, archive and document commands.
  10. Automatically includes files required by Java archive and document commands.
  11. Finds string in Java files and opens Java file when string found double clicked.
  12. Refactors Java, manifest and HTML files when copied or moved.
  13. Views image files and plays sound files.
  14. Installs Java document, source and tutorial archive files.
  15. Logs Java commands invoked by GUI.
  16. Self-installing executable (Java archive file).
  17. Supports Windows, Linux and Mac OS with J2SE Version 1.3.1 or later.
  18. Comprehensive documentation for installing and using Java Tools.

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