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  Java Tools - Lightweight IDE for Java  


Start Java Tools

Note: If you have problems starting Java Tools the first time, restart your computer. If you still have problems, reinstall Java Tools then restart your computer (see Download and Install Java Tools).
  1. Double click the Java Tools shortcut on the Windows desktop.
  2. Click underscore (minimize) in the top right corner of the Command Prompt window if you're using Windows NT.
Note: If you're starting Java Tools for the first time and you're using Windows 7 or later with User Account Control (UAC) enabled (default), be sure to start Java Tools by clicking the Java Tools icon on the desktop then click Run as administrator in the popup menu and Yes in the user account control dialog. When Java Tools starts, you're prompted to install the Sun Tools archive file in the private JRE directory:
  1. Click OK in the Information dialog to install the Sun tools archive file.
  2. Wait until the install completes (this may take several minutes).
  3. Click OK in the Information dialog when the install completes.

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